So, last week, I was doing my usual rounds of checking on the prices and availability of the Oculus Quest, as I had one right after they came out and it was not completely ready for my needs. Now they have added Linq (sp?) and finger tracking and it seems like a nice toy to have to watch movies with friends with BigScreenVR. I can do this on my Rift S, but want the freedom to move around my entire home for this activity.

So, while deciding on whether to buy one again last week, I noticed that some places were selling out. Then the news of China manufacturing shutting down made everyone go crazy with purchasing VR headsets. I saw the price go from the normal $399 to now hovering around $550. No large chain has any of them available.

The link between these has to be indoor-stay-at-home entertainment. If you are not going to movies or bars or even starbuxks, you need at-home entertainment. Immersive entertainment. I spend a lot of time in VRCHAT. This gives me a chance to have almost human interaction and quite a few laughs. I foresee this crisis leading to more and more people interacting online. Remember when you told your kids that they spend too much time on their cryPad or cryPhone? Now you are eating those words with schools shutting down.

So, I highly recommend getting a VR headset and joining the rest of the world in VRCHAT… if you can find one.