DUPED! Hurricanes, Donations, FEMA, SBA, Telethon, ASCAP

This is going to completely sound ludicrous and whiny, but I have to say it.

You were all duped out of your cash.

Yes, I said it. If you donated to some cause during the hurricane, you were duped.

But that is my opinion. I went through the hurricane and lost stuff as well. No, I didn’t lose my home and I didn’t have injuries, but I lost some much-needed stuff. Like money and food.

I told you this would be whiney.

Before you chastise me, tell me who decides who is worthy of donations?

People who lost their homes, check.
People who were injured, check.
People who lost power?
People who couldn’t go to their jobs?
People who lost money by protecting themselves?

Who decides this?

I was in the middle of being without power when some star-studded telethon was going on, raising money for hurricane victims. I couldn’t watch it… no power. After I regained power, I went to their website to apply for some of the 44 million dollars they raised for… me and others here? Needless to say, there was no place to apply. They were giving the money to a couple of charities.


So, now the charities are helping? How do I apply? Oh, you have to go to one of their centers. Shit out of luck if you can’t leave your home.

I immediately applied for FEMA help, just to get some of my equipment and money lost. They referred me to SBA disaster assistance LOAN. I applied for that. They denied me. FOR A LOAN TO HELP! Not a handout. A LOAN.

I had actually donated to a charity after Harvey and before Irma, so I was duped as well. Don’t feel bad. Maybe next time, I save my money, since when I needed it, no one was there to help me out.

I had also heard that credit cards were giving assistance. Well, that was only if you were late on your payments.

I am a member of ASCAP, and got an email stating that they set up a fund to apply for help. I started the application, and their stipulations were so tight that they would only give you assistance of you were a major star and not struggling. People like Richard Branson, who don’t need the help, will get it.

So, somewhere, the wealthy are getting more wealthy off of your donations. I certainly haven’t seen any help in areas that were considered disasters. Have you heard of anyone who’s home was destroyed getting a big check to replace it?

I didn’t think so.

Oh, and renter’s insurance. They have a hurricane deductible that takes away from your bottom line immediately. So another reality slap there.

I really hope that someone in need got some help out of all this money raised, and that I was simply passed over because I wasn’t needy “enough”.