Maya The Bee & Penis Image

As an aside, I noticed a story about someone seeing a penis drawing in the background of the children’s show, “Maya The Bee”. Season 1, Episode 35 has a FOUR SECOND flyby of a tree that has a very crudely drawn dick in it.

First thought was that someone was looking for something to be outraged over.

Second, who is paying that much attention to the background?

Third, where do children come from? You have no problem with tits being shown, whether breast feeding or at the beach.

This is a continuation of shame brought about by someone’s religious beliefs. If she wears anything that shows cleavage, she is a hypocrite. She wants her children to be ashamed of their bodies, and if they ever have something medically wrong “down there”, they will be too ashamed to go get it checked. If she watches any other tv with her kids, and it shows tight shirts or people on the beach, she is a hypocrite. And for her to recognize something so fleeting like that, she is either phallic-obsessed or has nothing better to do with her time. And she will always be known by this incident. Her children will now be exposed to these types of pictures forever because of this. Parenting books tell you to never react, as that makes the children more fascinated by whatever you have reacted to. She was seeking attention and fame and she got it. She should have contacted the company discreetly and had them quietly take it down and edit it if she really wanted to make a difference.

This was the best advertising campaign, ever! A forgettable show just now made major headlines. So by saying one person won’t watch it, you now made millions view it, looking for other references. And other shows will see how much of a reaction this caused and do similar things. Thanks, lady!

[UPDATE: I read that this episode has been around since 2013!]