Rick And Morty S03E07 Candidate Morty’s Monologue Season 3 Episode 7

Rick’s Question:
“Candidate Morty, the number of displaced Mortys is soaring while Rick satisfaction levels are plummeting and the divide between the two groups has never been wider. Solve that one real quick.”

Morty’s answer:
“I don’t see a divide between Ricks and Morty’s… You guys finished? The division I see is between the Ricks and Mortys that like the citadel divided… And the rest of us. I see it everywhere I go. I see it in our schools, where they teach Mortys that we’re all the same because they’re threatened by what makes us unique. I see it in our streets, where they give guns to Mortys so we’re too busy fighting each other to fight real injustice. I see it in our factories, where Ricks work for a fraction of their boss’ salary, even though they are identical and have the same IQ. The citadel’s problem isn’t homeless Mortys or outraged Ricks. The citadel’s problem is the Ricks and Mortys feeding on the citadel’s death… But I’ve got a message for them from the Ricks and Mortys keeping it alive. A message from the Ricks and Mortys that believe in this citadel to the Ricks and Mortys that don’t: ‘You’re outnumbered!'”