Liza Minnelli Review On Facebook

“Someone” (heh heh) left this review of Liza Minnelli on Facebook. Who could have written such a glowing review? Wink Wink

In a world of pre-programmed entertainment, Liza Minnelli is a shining example of raw talent. Not only an actress, singer, dancer and model, but an entrepreneurial force as well. When not preparing for the next “Sock ’em” performance, she is branding herself.
While Liza was making a name for herself from underneath her mother’s shadow, she was also empowering an entire generation of fans, who, like her, were trying to break away from what was expected of them. The 60s was a tumultuous time for young people. The stoic 50s created a backlash of freedom at any cost. Drugs became a way to escape for some, and for others, it was Liza. They not only saw the successor to their Queen, but they saw themselves reflected in the gritty roles she played, on screen and off.
One of the reasons that Liza appealed to a generation was that voice. Always referred to as “belting”, it was also a cry for visibility. People who had no voice at all in the world, people who had to keep their feelings hidden and people behind a “mask” could all sing along with Liza and have the world hear their plea for love, understanding and tolerance. They felt as if they had someone holding their hands and guiding them through the struggles they faced.
Liza has always appreciated the people who assisted her through life’s journey and has given back to those in need. Whether it is a charity event or a kiss on the cheek, one positive gesture leads to others. Always smiling, even when faced with heartbreak, she is a strong woman with a legacy that will last forever.