Xack’s Frozorganizers! Color-coded freezer bags!

So, the latest idea I am putting “out there” is my Frozorganizer Freezer Bag System (On Indiegogo). It consists of several different colors of gallon freezer bags that are also labeled. Red for beef, green for vegetables, etc.

Xack's Frozorganizer Freezer Bag System

Xack’s Frozorganizer Freezer Bag System

Here’s the idea:

Heavy duty freezer bags that are color coded and pre-labeled with the type of items. When placing in the freezer, you turn the side of the bag that describes what’s in it towards you, so you could, at a glance, see what items are in your freezer.
Bags are:
Pink for pork, and labeled on the four sides “pork”, “bacon”, “ham” and “chops”. Flip the bag over and the four sides are labeled “shoulder”, “rump”, “ground” and “special”. If the item in the bag does not fit the category, you choose the main “pork” side.
Red bags for beef, similarly labeled with “beef”, “ground”, “steak”, etc.
Yellow for chicken, green for vegetables, white for potatoes and rainbow for desserts.
These freezer bags are dishwasher safe, reusable and also have a flap that can be turned up to show that the contents are fully cooked.

How I got the idea:

Christmas morning, I went to the freezer to pull out something from the day before and noticed what a jumbled mess everything was in there. I started examining the contents and could not determine what some of the items were. That’s when it hit me. I needed color-coded bags to organize my freezer! Not only color-coded, but also able to turn them on the shelf to easily show what cut of meat or type of vegetable!
Xack’s Freezer Bag System allows you quick visual access to what’s lurking in your freezer. Since the bags are reusable and dishwasher safe, they will pay for themselves!
I envision this to be something that everyone will need and everyone will gift to others.

Check it out on Indiegogo!