Peanuts 2015 Movie – Surprisingly Classic – 5 Stars Out Of 5!

I almost did not see this movie because the previews indicated that they ghettoed it up. I decided to give it a chance due to the unique “2/3D” animation and the affinity for the horrible voiceover specials from way back.

So, up-front-it’s not ghetto!!

If you liked any of the specials, you will like this. The animators did not completely translate these characters to 3D, so it looks like a 2D with beautiful dimensional colors.

The story is slow and calm and people under 40 may not be able to sit through this. There are no adult-themed sexual jokes. There are no “booty shaking” songs.

This movie gives you a glimpse into America at it’s finest. A time when love and imagination were the only two things you needed in life. Peanuts Movie 2015 will be a standard on cable family channels forever.

The muted colors are a fantastic change from the primary color explosive cartoons that attempt to entertain those with an extremely short attention span.

Did I say that it wasn’t ghettoed up like the commercials indicated?

There are some great literary jokes like “Leo’s Toy Store/Warren Peas”. Of course, Snoopy’s “Dark and Stormy Night” and Red Baron story lines are in this movie.

This movie has great morals and values. Charlie Brown makes good, unselfish choices. Telephone cords. Dip-type ink pens. Paper. No electronics.

So, for surprising me with maintaining the feeling and traditional look of a classic, along with not adding a ghetto soundtrack, I will actually have to give this movie… 5 stars! What???

Yes. 5 stars out of 5 stars.