XACK’s Projexmas Trees

Every year, I attempt to find a new and exciting Christmas Tree theme. I see some brilliant designs out there, but nothing that soothes my high-tech desires.

So I came up with my own. I call it Xack’s Projexmas Trees. (Pronounced Pro-jecks-mas)

Here’s the concept:

Like pop-up tents and toys, this tree will be made of white nylon and bendable rods that will give it a christmas tree shape. Underneath the tree is a projector poiting upwards. This will project anything on the inside of the tree and make it look fantastic!

From abstract swirls of color to traditional greenery and glass bulbs, you can have a different tree every day! Leave it up all year and it fits into any decor. Use hearts on valentines day, scroll through pictures of loved ones and even use it as a large lamp with any color you can imagine!

The website will feature templates for your own designs and lots of free downloads. People can submit their own creation and offer it for free or for sale.

Here is the first prototype I created:

The crowdfunding campaign is now live on Indiegogo!