MYOSlots – MakeYourOwnSlots – New Indiegogo Campaign!

MYOSlots - MakeYourOwnSlots

MYOSlots – MakeYourOwnSlots

I have been toying around with the idea of a mobile slot game that would allow you to insert your own images as the pictures on the reels. (Just because I would love to play a Spongebob-themed machine!) So, it blossumed into a full-on app design.
Of course, my first thought was to attempt to program this myself, and once I started, I realized that it would be a daunting task that would take me months to put together. So, since I have been on a crowdfunding… “kick”, I thought this might be a good idea to try there. I could then hire someone to build out the design and have enough to advertise.
Today (8/27/2015), I started the indiegogo campaign to get this underway.
MYOSlots on IndiegogoI went ahead and secured and
The shortening of the name has led me to a catchy name, “MYOSlots”, pronounced My-O-Slots.

MYOSlots - MakeYourOwnSlots
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