Google Fi Wireless Cellular Service – Can’t Wait!

googlefilogoGoogle is coming out with it’s own cellular service and I can’t wait! I have been wanting the Nexus 6, anyway, and that is the only phone that is compatible with Google Fi. The great thing about their new service is that it actually uses T-Mobile AND Verizon’s towers to give you the best signal. And even better, if you are on a call and lose signal on one of those towers and the other is available, it switches over automatically so your call doesn’t get dropped. ANNNNNND here’s the other great feature- if you go into a WIFI zone, your call switches over to WIFI calling!

How much, you ask? $20 for the service, +$10 for each gigabyte of data you sign up for. And… if you don’t use that much data at the end of the month, they refund what you didn’t use! Does this sound like a dream?

Check it out here: