Idea: Monopoly House Rule – Landing On The Same Spot As Someone Else

Here’s a Monopoly┬áhouse rule I came up with the other day. I am not sure if I am the first, though. But try it!

When you land on a spot that someone else is on:

1) If they *just* purchased it, you pay them half of what they bought it for and you become co-owners. That means that you both collect rent on it, share the bills and pay for houses and hotels together. If either one wants to buy it straight out, they can pay the co-owner the decided upon price. If either player goes bankrupt, the other owner becomes the property’s sole owner.

2) If someone else owns it already, then you spilt the rent between the two.

3) If it’s a community chest or chance spot, when you draw your card, you share the payout or bill.

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