The Muppets 2011 – FANTASTIC!!!

I was almost afraid to watch this movie due to my expectations being very high. I had read many positive reviews, but one said that it was more man than muppets and after the Muppets From Space being a let down, I was wary.

So I have to just say up front that it was fantastic!

If you’re from my generation, you grew up with the muppets and they address that fact throughout the movie. If you were a little different and felt out of place, your safe place was muppet shows and movies. This movie had the typical musical numbers, some of which were updated enough to feel current without making it ghetto. One in particular was very touching-Man or Muppet…

The storyline seemed very familiar, but having such nostalgic feelings, I overlooked it. The muppets weren’t about always being original-they were there to give you an unconditional friend.

So, when this comes out on blu-ray, I am all over it!

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