Paranormal Activity 3… sigh… :( -3 stars out of 5

I am a fan of the first (and even second) paranormal activity movies, and the trailer for paranormal activity 3 looked even better, so I settled in to watch PA3. I have already had some ghostly encounters, myself, so I was expecting this to scare the crap out of me. I should have read the reviews first, so that I, just like thousands of other people wasn’t disappointed in this.


Nothing-NOTHING from the trailers was in the final movie. NOTHING!!!!

And those were scarier than the actual movie, so you’re not missing anything. The problem is that this movie set a record for biggest opening for a horror film or the biggest october opening-something like that, which means that the producers are going to try to replicate this particular film, and no one can tell them that they did anything wrong.

If people had the balls to demand their money back after seeing a crap film, the filmscape would be entirely changed. In a case like this, it’s false advertising. This should be illegal.

Yes, the movie had some merits. It was slightly scary. It was set in 1988, and the woman said, “really?”… BLECH!

If this was a made for tv movie, it would be fine. Anytime I see a satanic cult, I think of an abc after school special.

One really good thing they did in the movie was the hanging of the mother-THAT was good filmmaking!

Here’s how the movie goes:

Child has imaginary friend. Imaginary friend is evil. Parents discover evidence of imaginary friend who is now an evil ghost. Ghost becomes aggressive. People flee the house, go to grandma’s house. Ghost has followed. “Father” discovers grandma is involved in cult. Everyone dies. The end.

You have now “seen” the movie.

I have tons of ideas for movies, so I would love to pitch them to people who thought that this pitch was good.

I have to go back and say, though, that the movie was ok. JUST ok. Watch it alone in the dark and it will give you some good scares. For that, they get 3 stars.

If you REALLY want scary, watch THE STRANGERS. THAT was f-ing scary! And based on a true story, so even scarier!

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