Repo Games – TV Show Review – Spike TV

When I ran across this show, my immediate response was that it was very toying with people’s emotions. The premise of the show is that they are going to repossess someone’s vehicle, but they give them a chance to be part of a “game show” and if they answer 3 questions correctly, they get to keep the car and the show pays off the vehicle completely. Watching the first one, I was imagining how repossession plus being on the edge of a game show must feel. The host was a handsome muscle bald bearded bear named Tom.

After watching someone win the game and getting to keep their car, I realized that this was actually a good thing for this economy. Most people know how it feels to lose that kind of thing, so this offers some hope. It is also a “spit in the face” to creditors.

It was interesting to see how people, and when I say “people”, I mean one type of person, didn’t even give Tom a chance to explain how they could get something out of this. I want to think that these people were just actors put on the show just to make it stupid.

The show was ok as far as shows go, but I will admit that I don’t like Jerry Springer-esque drama and this show was full of that, but you can probably get through it by concentrating on the eye candy. 😉

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