Bridesmaids (2011) Review 4.5 Stars!

This movie got some very bad reviews on, but I think it’s because it wasn’t marketed correctly. I will admit that from the previews, I didn’t even want to see it because I thought it was just another rom-com. So, I will assume that the type of people who like J-Lo “maid-becomes-a-millionaire’s-wife” movies thought this was going to be along those lines.


I actually watched it because I found out Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph were in it. (Yes, I had tuned out the commercials for this movie so much that I didn’t know who starred in it!) I like Kristen Wiig and was introduced to her humor through McGruber. (The scene where she’s in the coffee shop on the floor was hilarious!)

The reason it’s getting bad reviews is because it’s “gross” and has a lot of dick jokes and toilet humor. The people expecting to see “Couples Resort” were not the audience that this was intended for. Personally, I like politically incorrect humor and when women are doing it, it’s even better! (See Betty White)

So, here’s the plot: Woman is best friends with another woman who is getting married. Bride-to-be has a friend who is stepping in to make her wedding over the top, so original woman is jealous. Insert dick jokes and food poisoning scenes.

Kristen Wiig’s “Flo-esque” (Progressive commercials) comedic timing is great. Whispery, timid, odd things are said, and I howled at the scene where she’s making fun of the other woman while driving. Go into this if you want to see trash talking and SNL-type lingering jokes.

It’s touching at times, awkward at times, funny most of the time and full of gross-out stuff! 4.5 stars for making me glad I watched this!

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