The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 1964

If an opera is set to popular music, it’s called a rock opera, like Jesus Christ Superstar (great version from 2000-looks like a Michael Jackson video!). I just watched “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” from 1964. It’s a French film and all of the dialog is sung. But it’s not like an opera. Nothing’s over the top. It’s a normal love story. Has some sadness, some happiness, but best of all is the French wallpaper!

Sometimes, the clothes even matched the wallpaper, giving a chameleon effect! This is that gaudy painted scrollwork wallpaper and it’s fantastic!

I will admit the only reason I watched this was to see Catherine Deneuve, and am now wondering if all of her movies have the dialog sung. The only other movie I have seen her in is “8 Femmes”, which was a weird musical. (But one of my faves!)

I didn’t recognize Catherine Deneuve in this film… she was extremely young and didn’t look a thing like she looked in 8 Femmes. In fact I assume she had loads of surgery over the years.

The lead male character was a very FERTILE grease monkey. The other male involved is everyone’s dream. Handsome, smart, wealthy, non-judgmental, handsome… handsome. (did I say handsome?) Catherine Deneuve’s character ends up with the dream guy and the grease monkey opens his own gas station. Nice ending! I was waiting for Catherine Deneuve to drop the good guy for the ruffian, but end the end, she stays with him.

I am spoiling the picture because I don’t think anyone else on earth would care for this type of film. If you do, and you’re a “dream”, contact me!

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