Maybe I Will Post This Stuff Until Something Is Done…

The ONLY way the U.S.A. will come back fully from this economic downturn is to IMMEDIATELY start SUPERTAXING imported products. I know, I know, I am as guilty as anyone else for buying cheap imported products. I will mention China, since it seems most of the cheapest stuff comes from China. If American-made products were the most inexpensive, and in a thriving economy, they should be, then we would all buy these.

Get rid of the unions that make businesses run poorly and get back to the industry that states, “if you don’t like this job, go find a better one.” and there would be other jobs for you to go get! When there are jobs to go to, you are treated better by employers. In the late 90’s, the I.T. industry had so many jobs and not enough employees that were qualified, so you could actually make more money with a better job elsewhere.

So, let’s TAX import products starting now. Stores will make tons of money off of iPhones and iPads alone!

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