Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jagger?

I am not sure if I should even comment on this, but, since I did like this girl’s unique voice on x-factor or britain’s got talent or one of those shows, I figure I would share my thoughts.

When I first saw Cher Lloyd (pronounce it “Shaa” so as not to confuse her with CHER), she did a rap with singing and she had a very unique quality to her voice. She looked anorexic, which made her look older than her 16 years. What I liked was the song’s similarity to Neneh Cherry’s old stuff. (The first album.) Neneh could rap and sing and was very unique sounding… “What’s he like, anyway?”

It didn’t surprise me that Cher Lloyd (she should put the names together-Cherlloyd) did not win whatever the show was.

Today as I was browsing youtube, I ran across the new single from cherlloyd. It’s called “Swagger Jagger”. First, let me say that the term Swagger got popular with the deodorant. Do you feel stupid? Don’t say this word. Also, while we’re at it, don’t say “really?”, either.

…”and I looked at her and said, ‘really?’….’really?’… really.”

Now, back to the new song. It started off ok, with a M.I.A. feel to the music, even some Galang-style graphics. Then cherlloyd popped on the screen in what looked like her mother’s wig and a bandana tied around it. I guess the anorexia made her hair fall out completely. She started rapping… “you can’t stop looking at me, texting bout me, tweetin bout me…”

oh… kay…

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good mindless pop song… so I stayed with her… and her “hair”.

It got to the chorus.

I can see where they thought she sounded country and brits love country music, but… they took “oh my darlin, oh my darlin, oh my darlin clementine” and made her sing “swagger jagger, swagger jagger, you should get some, of your own…”

It was at this point I felt sorry for poor cherlloyd. They ruined her chances of being big in the states. This song ended up sounding like Rednex’ “Cotton Eyed Joe” from the 90’s. They should have left her RAW and rappy and underground sounding. Here’s the video: The still shot you see is indicative of the whole mess.

Now that I have watched it a few times (like a train wreck), I take back what I said about the term “really?”. It’s very useful in this particular scenario.



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