Yellowbrickroad-2010 Movie… STEW-PID!

First, I have to say that even though you have some grant from the endowment of the arts doesn’t mean you have a good idea. This movie absolutely was horrible from beginning to (the not-soon-enough) end.

The actors were terrible. The girl that walks off the cliff was made of gold or lead, she dropped that quick! (Poor special effects) The main girl looked like she had down syndrome. Her husband/boyfriend looked like a pepto-bismol commercial actor.

The sound person should be shot. I am not talking about the special effect sounds-I am talking about the dialog. Very muffled, muddled, you need the subtitles on to understand what they’re saying most of the time. Someone said at one point they looked like the crew of the starship enterprise jerking around like they had been hit by Klingons… it’s true!

Story-sounds interesting, but ends up just someone’s vision of “crazy”. NEVER show the alien or ghost or your view of crazy. It just looks STEW-PID to everyone else.

Here’s the spoiler for you- you will want your time back at the end of the movie. Nothing was explained, everyone dies or goes crazy.

It’s not art. It’s STEW-PID.

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