The Future And Funding of Entertainment Shows

I just found out that NBC passed on the New Wonder Woman show.

I am a bit disappointed, but I thought about how the future and funding of tv shows could go. In the late 90s, I came up with the way to get free music by placing ads at the beginning, and no one paid any attention. Now, if you go to youtube, you get an ad with professionally-produced content.

Back to Wonder Woman.

They already paid for the pilot episode to be done. The network passed on it. So, they should sell the episode online (I would pay to see it!) and if it sells enough (say $1 million?), then they start working on the second episode. This will allow fans to determine if the series is a “go”. This will also keep studios from producing shows that have decreased in popularity. So, let’s say the first episode sells well, the second one sells half as much… They stop making them.

They wouldn’t have to have commercials and everything is paid for, up-front.


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