Lady Gaga’s New Album 99 cents on Amazon!

Lady Gaga-Born This Way

Lady Gaga-Born This Way

Very smart! If this doesn’t become the biggest selling album of all time, I will be shocked!

When you get this, it may take a while for it to download-probably due to the number of people also downloading it-so be patient!


Well, I finished downloading all but 1 song on Monday, and the link said it had expired. Ho-hum… So, I got the song from my usual place, since I had already *paid* for it. (Even though it was less than 10 cents!) I also downloaded the special edition and found the songs that were not included on the 99 cent┬áversion┬áto be very good. I would be interested to know how many sales got from this promotion and how they intend on allowing me to download the last song-now, it’s just the principle of it.

Did Gaga hit another milestone?

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