Synergy – Use Keyboard And Mouse on Networked Multiple Computers

I used to use Multiplicity from Stardock to control a computer connected to my TV, but it didn’t like Vista and it hated Windows 7, so I searched for an alternative. I found Synergy, which is a FREE (!) program that allows you to control another computer on your network with the local keyboard and mouse. After some playing with it, I was very satisfied, but I couldn’t get it to automatically start when Windows started until I did the following.

1) Make sure it’s not running. (Check the system tray icons beside the clock on the bottom right of your screen.)
2) Locate it on your START menu. (“Where’s ‘Start’?” UGH!)
3) RIGHT click it and choose “Run As Administrator”
5) Check the box that says “Automatically Start Server or Client…”
6) Click OK
8) Depending on which machine you’re on, click either the server or client INSTALL button
9) If it fails, you are probably not running it as administrator (go back to step #1!)
10) Now it should start automatically!

You can download it FREE here:

Read what it does here:

After using this for a while, and a reboot happening, it stopped connecting. I found the reason. I had given the client the host name as the PC name, and it should be the IP address. Make sure your firewall allows it. Still works like a charm!!!

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