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I just read this news blurb. NBC is going to start showing a new Wonder Woman TV show this fall!


Lynda Carter As Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter As Wonder Woman

For all of you out there who aren’t extreme Wonder Woman fans, let me give you some backstory:

In the mid-70’s, someone came up with the idea of making a Wonder Woman live-actor television show. (You remember television?)¬† They made a pilot to shop the idea around and one of the three (yes, 3!) networks picked it up, but they wanted to change the actress playing WW. Luckily for us, Lynda Carter was available!

Lynda had actually won some beauty contest and was 70’s gorgeous! Blue eyes, black hair and curvy! She WAS Wonder Woman for several years on the show. The problem is, when you get that kind of fame, you will forever BE that character. Lynda’s first passion was singing, and she was always in the shadow of WW. Just like ever other famous person, she resented WW for “holding her back” instead of embracing it and making a living off of it.

By the way, I don’t know one single straight male or *any* females that watched that show… weird.

So, a few years back, they started talking about making a Wonder Woman movie. The fans were shaking like crack babies at the thought! Then the rest of the story came out. There were rumors that they wanted MARIAH CAREY as Wonder Woman and the fans puked and started an internet riot. They backed off of that rumor and then some site mentioned Halle Berry (sp?). No offense, but a black Wonder Woman? It wouldn’t be taken serious. More rioting.

What the fans wanted was LYNDA CARTER to come back and reprise the role. 30 YEARS LATER… yes, Lynda is still gorgeous and yes we all know it, but NO ONE else could BE Wonder Woman in the movie.

So, the studios seemed to cool to the idea of making a bomb.

So, flash forward to now. The studio wants to do Wonder Woman, but they want to shake our idea of Lynda Carter being the ONLY option. How would they do that? By creating a NEW TV show and planting the new actress in our minds.

I will watch the show, no doubt, and watch it with an open mind. Lynda Carter will always be MY Wonder Woman, but if they cast this right, it might be a great show!

So, my thoughts on casting- they need someone with the same look (black hair, blue eyes, curvy), not slutty. It would be great to cast an “unknown” like they did with Lynda (even though she was known elsewhere). If I had to pick a star, it would be the actress, Zooey Deschanel,¬†from the Will Ferrell movie, elf.. the one that looks like Katy Perry. She was also in Bones, Weeds, The Happening, Simpsons, American Dad, and one of the funniest things I have stumbled across-Drunk History. Drunk History’s theme is, they video someone who is drunk relaying a piece of history. People (FAMOUS) act out the history tale as told by the drunk person. FUNNY STUFF! Here’s Zooey in one of those: (She’s at the end, playing Mary Todd Lincoln)

Now this picture shows her in what could be her Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s alter ego) drag…

Zooey Deschanel - The NEW Wonder Woman??

Zooey Deschanel - The NEW Wonder Woman??


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