Devil (2010) Review- 3 stars out of 5

If this had been a TV show, it would have gotten a better rating. It’s TV quality. Very few special effects. The “bad” things happen when the lights are off. The previews for this movie showed all the special effects and it made it look like a classic horror/suspense-type movie. It’s not. It’s a cop drama with a little supernatural thrown in. The narrator tells the entire story in the first few minutes of the film. M. Night Shama… whatever his name is, has impressed me before with the Village (one of my favorite movies of all time!) and Sixth Sense, of course. But I think this one should have been made for TV. He should get his own show-30 minutes-and do twilight zone stuff. I think it would go over well!

So, if you can manage how slow this is (to stretch it out to 90 minutes), it’s something you should catch on TV, but don’t pay to rent it.

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