New Twist On Fast Food-“Gourmet” On The Cheap

“Gourmet” is in quotes for a reason. 🙂

If you’re like me, you like the dollar menus at fast food joints. Well, I got sick of the same old same old and decided to switch it up a bit to make it more interesting. Here’s a few combinations/changes that might make your value menu sparkle!


I like their double stacks, which are 99 cents here. This is what I order:

2 doublestacks
value fry
99 cent chili

Open up the doublestacks and put a spoonfull of the (drained) chili for nice Chili Cheeseburgers! Then pour out your fries on the wax wrapper and pour the rest of the chili on them for Chili Fries! They have cheese sauce there for a quarter, I think, so you could add cheese to the fries as well. Very hearty meal!


Order 2 Buck Doubles ($1 each). Remove the 2 patties from one and place them on the other burger for a Quad Stacker! (Feed the extra bread to the birds in the parking lot.) If you haven’t had a quad stacker, the flavor tastes like old burger king before they started microwaving everything. You know, the flame broiled taste. They charge $5 for a quadstacker, so this is the same thing for $2!!

If you have any combinations you want to share, add them to the comments or send them to me!

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