Homeless Man With Great Radio Voice!

This is an example of the power of the internet:

This homeless man has an interesting sign-saying that he was given a great radio voice. This commuter rode past and saw this, so he filmed this guy doing an announcement. He interviewed him afterwards and the guy is educated and eloquent, but alcohol and drugs took him down and he states he is 2 years clean.

The amazing internet power is that after this video went viral, he has been offered a chance to get back on his feet by a company, who is providing their services, $1000 in donations (so far), a cell phone, a suit and a website!

Here’s the story:


And this reminds me of something totally stupid I did over the holidays. I was coming out of the grocery store and I saw a homeless woman dragging a cart filled with her personalĀ belongingsĀ about 20 feet, going back and getting another cart with her personal stuff and dragging it up to the other cart. She continued this a few times and I felt in a giving mood, so I pulled my car up to her and got out and asked if she needed some money. She said something and as I handed the dollar to her, she pulled back and said, “no, I don’t need it”. So, stunned, I put the money back in my pocket and said, “Happy Holidays” and got back in my car. Needless to say, I was embarrassed.

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