Women, Masks, and Men

Ok, I think I have finally figured out why men allow women to deceive them with make-up, hair, clothes, shoes, etc. and how women are actually the ones who keep the economy going… Hear me out.

Not only do men fall for the masks that women use to attract men, but they encourage it. I guess men wouldn’t be able to be attracted to a woman in her natural state. But guys are so dumb that they don’t realize that they are being snagged by jewels, makeup and clothes. I would like to see a man who is attracted to a woman who doesn’t wear makeup or get her hair done. (70’s hippies?)

In nature, it is the male figure who has the bright colors to attract the females for the possibility of mating.

So, here is the revelation that I had…

Men allow women to buy products that make them look and feel good for two reasons:

1) To keep the “mask” on. They don’t want to see what she looks like without the mask

2) To keep the economy going.

Let me see if I can explain it… In a “family” household, the husband is the “breadwinner”. He works for a company that provides a product or service.  If it’s a product that’s geared in any way towards women, then the circle is complete. He sells to women, women buy. He keeps himself (and other males) employed. Women who are single buy more of the product than married women.

Women have to keep buying new clothes and shoes and makeup to keep the men interested. Monogamy is not natural for men. So, if the woman puts on a different “mask”, the male is slightly fooled into thinking he is screwing around. New hairstyles do the same thing.

Even the most beautiful women in the world who keep the same look (Eva Longoria) are subject to a man losing interest.

Women buy “pretty things” and scents and furniture… they keep the economy going. Men aren’t concerned about those things, so if women were to stop being “women”, the economy would plummet.

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