The Only Way This Country Will Be Great Again…

Ok, I know I may step on a lot of toes here, but if you think about this, it WILL work.

HEAVILY tax imported goods to make them cost more than domestic goods. This will force companies to manufacture more items here, which will lead to new industry, new jobs and growth in real estate as well. Every day, I ride by pieces of land that have no trees and very little grass and could easily house a plant that would make… anything! The reason we don’t all buy american cars is that the imported cars are much cheaper!

If we start producing the cheapest items at home, more people would have jobs, which would lead to more money.

I suspect that our government is paid handsomely for not taxing the chinese imports that we all love so much. I fall into that same category. Whenever I want something electronic, I go for imported items. Who even manufactures electronics here?

This even comes down to clothes. Almost all of your clothes are made by children in sweatshops. Everybody knows it, very few people care, and those that do care can’t avoid buying stuff made in other countries. We saw the lead paint scare in children’s toys and who’s to say that it wasn’t planned? Who are you going to sue? No one. You can’t sue the chinese!

Don’t get me wrong. I love asians. I love their culture, their style, their innovative products and most importantly, their cheap products.

Do you think anyone else in the world imports our stuff? No. They don’t want it, and if they did, the government heavily taxes imports. Those countries know that for their own society to thrive, it means buying their own products. Take Levi’s 501’s. They won’t let you bring more than 3 into scandanavian countries because they’re afraid you’re going to sell them for a cheaper price than the people there can get them. In the early 90’s, 501’s would go for $75 there, easy, when you could still buy them here for $20. So, they don’t even want to let our own stuff into their countries. Why are we allowing them to pump their cheap stuff through our stores?

Our government. If no one sees this travesty, they’re all blind or stupid. If they see it and allow it to happen because of some stupid trade agreement, people should be angry.

And don’t get me started on all this foreclosed property that’s just sitting empty. One house I looked at had been sitting for 2 years and is covered in mold on the inside. Someone needs to be allowed to buy this for next to nothing, government or bank assistance involved, and at least live in it while fixing it up. It’s ridiculous that people are homeless and properties are wasting away because of american greed. And companies should not be allowed to buy up these foreclosures for future reselling. People are homeless and *some* can afford a house, but when ever *they* try to place a bid on it, *they* get outbid by some company with money who just wants to sit on it. They let it go so long that the place gets vandalized, run down, becomes an eyesore or a danger to the surrounding properties. OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT PROTECTING THE PEOPLE.

I don’t think the ad campaigns for “buy only products made in the USA” will ever make a difference, since people are going to choose the lowest priced item.


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