Prince Poppycock

Sigh… A kindred spirit. Nothing is “too much”. Fashion knows no pain.

It’s rare that I like a male singer, but when the package is interesting, I take notice. Prince Poppycock is this package.

He appeared on America’s Got Talent and went all the way to the finals. If you take apart his act, you will see that not only is he a great singer, but a very talented artist as well. The makeup skills are flawless. He came up with some beautiful sets and costumes.

I ran across a news story yesterday that stated that he would be the Grand Marshall in West Hollywood’s Pride parade and I had never heard of him, but the picture intrigued me. I ran a search on youtube and was blown away! This was the most “designed for me” artist I had ever seen. I appreciate opera and so the mix of drag and opera was astounding.

Check out his site and get the music. It’s whatever price you want to pay for it. An interesting concept!

Prince Poppycock

Prince Poppycock

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