As The Earth Turns

I have always been fascinated by the effect of the earth turning and what would happen if it suddenly stopped. This has led to many questions I have on how things function with such force being placed on them.

Here’s my theory:

If the earth suddenly stopped spinning, the weight of people would increase dramatically. You know those rides at the fair that spin you around while you’re laying on an incline? Your blood rushes to your head and you start moving up. Imagine that is the earth’s gravity. When it stops, you come back down and feel your weight again. So your weight right now is determined by how close you are to the center of the earth. If you are on a mountaintop, you weigh less than at sea level. That’s a fact. So, when the spin is taken out of the equation, you would weigh even more. It might even be enough to crush you.

When I flew to London, it took longer to get there than it did to get back. Why? The earth was spinning under the plane in the same direction I was going to London, so I was trying to “catch up” to the destination. Flying to a destination would become a lot quicker in the eastern direction, and a lot slower in the western direction.

When you’re driving east, you are going against the force of the earth, so your vehicle uses more energy.

If you want to burn more calories, walk east.

If you’re having problems sleeping, it might be because you are laying in the wrong direction. If you’re laying with your head pointing east, your feet are getting more blood.

If I remember correctly, the earth spins at 2400 miles per hour, so before you poo poo my theory, take that into consideration.

Let’s say the earth stops spinning SUDDENLY. That would throw everyone east at 2400 miles per hour. Needless to say, I doubt if very many people would survive this. The oceans would sweep over every bit of land. Maybe that’s what happenedĀ in the noah’s arc flood. Buildings would tear away from their foundation and fly. Basements would be the only places that would stay in place, but if you’re thrown against the basement wall at 2400 mph, you won’t survive. I would imagine that people on large ships might survive the initial stop, but the ocean would be thrown over land at such force that the ship would be torn apart upon reaching shore.

Maybe if you’re in some sort of “ball” that allowed you to stay upright, you might survive by slowly coming to a stop, rolling across the landscape. But, there again, 2400 mph, you will reach some sort of hill or valley and abruptly stop.

Would we be thrown into space? The force might be great enough to send everyone flying out into space.

I’d like to see some models of what would happen. If you know of any shows that theorize this, let me know!

By the way, no, I don’t drink or use drugs. LOL

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