Easter’s Eggs (Or Why We Hunt Easter Eggs)-My Children’s Book

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Easters Eggs (Or Why We Hunt Easter Eggs) By Steven Langston

Easters Eggs (Or Why We Hunt Easter Eggs) By Steven Langston

I had the idea around 2002 and wrote out the text for my children’s book entitled, “Easter’s Eggs (Or Why We Hunt Easter Eggs)”. I didn’t do anything with it until 2005, when I decided I wanted to get someone to illustrate it. I figured it would be a brightly watercolored book filled with gorgeous images of easter eggs. So, I quickly put together some vector images to give my future illustrator the basics for what I wanted. I couldn’t find an illustrator, though. And the few people I showed the book to loved the images I had created. So, instead of changing it, I kept it as is with my own illustrations.

I got it published through a small company (at the time) and the price for just one hard cover copy was $50. Far too much to be commercially available. So, I kept my one hardcover copy and tucked it away.

At the beginning of this year, I assisted another author in getting her book published and found a publisher for her book that didn’t have such a large cost for their books and so I pulled my Easter’s Eggs book back out. I got it ready for print and now it’s being released soon. I will post the link here when it becomes available.

If you wish to purchase a signed copy, please email me and I will give you instructions. ($40 & 4-6 weeks)

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