Age Limit On Elected Officials

Since most people who are running this company are old white men, I think it’s time for a change. They are always out of touch with where this country needs to go. They only represent their generation’s views. I think 35-45 should be theĀ age rangeĀ for any elected office. That way, there is more growth, more jobs, and more reasons for people to do the right thing while in office.

35 is a good age to start- they are old enough to have been doing some important work, yet young enough to invest in the future. The older you get, the less you look to the future.

45 seems to be where people start losing touch with where the country should be going. The closer I am getting to 45, the more I start longing for a simpler time, like the 70s. I would imagine that the people in office are in the same mindset. When I speak to anyone over 50, they don’t grasp new technologies-simple things like cellphones and tv remotes. The brain starts shutting off the learning center at some point, I think. This is happening with me. There is a programming language that I want to learn, but every time I start it, I tend to get bogged down after a time and then want to get away from it.

So imagine a country where people are governed by the out of touch… that’s US!


This story was in the news today (9/15/2010):

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