New York In The Mornings…

Ok, I know this is over a year late, but I simply LOVE this version of this song. I think the reason this was brought to my attention is the release of the soundtrack for Sex and the City 2. There are certain songs that capture the feel of a time or place. This version makes me think of driving through NYC very very early in the morning. In the late 90s, I visited the city and I got up around 5 am to walk around and there was very little traffic or people on the street. The air was crisp and the sun came up bringing new life to the city. I loved NYC at that moment. The window for that moment is so small, but I think it’s captured in this song. I can close my eyes and listen to this and be taken right back to that moment where I felt alone in a city of millions.

There’s also another song in this same vein… You won’t like this, but it’s from Village People. Yes, THE Village People. It’s after the disco craze. I have to set up this for you, first, though. In the early 80’s, the Village People manager wanted to update their style to match the New Romantic movement. So, they went for Renaissance costumes and weird hair and make-up. It obviously didn’t work as they were labeled Disco Queens. In fact, the name of the album was Renaissance. There were several songs about food which instantly made this a comedy album, but you have to remember that everyone was dieting to remain thin. You could not be overweight in the 80’s. Anyway, this song is called 5 O’Clock In The Morning and it’s actually about being in the city at an early time and I think the music and the feel of the song is a perfect match for the subject. The chorus gets a little off, but the verse is perfect! This one seems more late night before bed than early morning riser.

Are there other songs I have missed that match that early morning NYC feel? I’d love to hear them!

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