How to play PACARDY with a regular deck of cards

I bought a card game years ago called Pacardy. It came with fake coins, but we always used real money. I lost the cards in a move, so I tried to figure out how to play it with a regular deck and came up with this.
The object:
Roll the dice to get rid of the matching cards in your hand.

1 Deck of playing cards

$1.25 playing money for each:
3 quarters
3 dimes
3 nickels
5 pennies
(usually works best)

Pair of 6 sided dice

If you have 4 players, take out 2 of the 7’s. (Doesn’t matter which 2)
If 3 players, leave all 54 cards (deck+2 jokers).

Roll dice to see who deals.
Deal ALL the cards.
Person to left of dealer starts game.

Player rolls dice.
If the player has that number in his hand (2-6,8-10, J(11), Q(12)), they may throw down that one card. The player gets to roll until he rolls a 7.

If player rolls a 7, then everyone at the table has to pay and the next player starts his turn.

The pay goes as follows:
The first time a 7 comes up, everyone puts in 1 penny. The second time, 2 pennies, third, 3. This continues until 7 pennies, then, from every payup after that, it’s 7 cents.
If you have an Ace, King, Joker or 7 in your hand, you may use that in place of your pay until you run out of those cards. Then, you MUST use money. If you run out of money, you have lost.

If you roll the last card in your hand, no matter what it is, you have won.

2’s and Q’s are the hardest cards to get rid of. (snake eyes and double 6’s on the dice)

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