Abstract Art

I am not a big fan of abstract art. I figure-if a child can do it, then it’s not art(if it’s done by an adult). If you think splashes of paint on a canvas is art, think again. The first person who did it made art(cavemen?). The imitators afterwards made copies.

Now, the method of abstract is another thing. There was a guy who would swallow paint and then puke on a canvas… that’s performance art.

Elephants and monkeys who paint are doing what they’re trained to do. They don’t enjoy the artwork afterwards.

There are some mediums that abstract looks good in-one is metal. I found this guy’s ebay store and he has some gorgeous LARGE metal pieces, but abstract in 3D is one up on splashes of paint.

Here’s some of his stuff: http://stores.ebay.com/Recherche-Galleria

Remember, artwork is only worth what someone would pay for it. If no one is buying, then it’s not worth anything. Sentimental value is not the same as monetary value.

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