French Show And Tell

In high school, I took a French 2 class in the 12th grade. The teacher was from Argentina, I think. How the connection (and why she was in small-town Rocky Mount, NC), I will never know. She let us do a show and tell every friday, but it had to be presented in French. I looked at this as my entertaining possibility. The first week, I brought my Michael Jackson doll and one of my sister’s Barbies in and re-created the video for “The Way You Make Me Feel” (wayyyy before youtube was even thought about). Of course, I sang along while playing with the dolls.

My Arte Dé Triumph (see how much I got out of class? LOL) was the week I found hair mousse at Big Lots-it came in 2 scents-chocolate and strawberry. I bought one of each. So, they were pink and brown.

I did a short introduction in French about abstract and performance art, then whipped (no pun intended) out the cans and started spraying them on the platform in front of me. I made a sculpture out of the entire cans.

Looking back, I can understand why those products did not sell well. Can you imaging smelling that all the time?

The only reason I passed French 2 was the Show And Tell-I usually made the highest grade. (and entertained the masses) I used the rest of class time to write poetry and daydream.

How I wish I had videotaped most of the stuff I did. How lucky this generation is to have digital memories so easily saved!

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