Beaucoup Des Visages

In the mid 80’s, I came up with a jacket design I called Beaucoup Des Visages (that means “many faces” in French). This jacket was made from a hook and loop fabric (think Velcro)-the soft side, obviously. It allowed you to stick things on it that were attached with the “hook” side (the hard side). You could place the pockets anywhere on the jacket, add embellishments like rhinestones or tassels, and with the child’s version, attach gloves to the end of the sleeves so that snow would not get inside.

I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew just to make a prototype of this jacket. I found a pattern I liked and it actually came out great! (for a prototype) I learned later on (from my mother) that a men’s jacket is one of the hardest things to sew and get right.

I submitted the idea to a couple of places, even to a pop star (Adeva) who actually wrote me back and said it was a great idea! I kept the prototype for quite a number of years, but eventually had to trash it due to a move.

I still think it’s a good idea, though! 🙂

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