Clutchy Hopkins-Verbal Headlock Video

I used to write and record songs on what I could afford at that time, which, to begin with was 2 tape recorders and a tiny casio keyboard. I would record the drums first, then play back the drum tape and record another instrument on the second tape recorder. I usually stuck to about 3 instruments and a vocal track, just to get the idea on tape. Needless to say, there is a difference in tape recording speed and playback speed, especially with 2 different recorders. So, sometimes the pitch would be off on some of the instruments. I never let anyone hear these because they sounded bad to me, but the ideas were good.

I happened to run across this video, called Verbal Headlock by Clutchy Hopkins. When the piano playing at the beginning started, something sounded very familiar! This song sounds like I recorded it back in the day. It’s a weird effect, but it immediately grabbed my attention.

I was listening to my music the other day, and I still see the potential there. I think I will actually put these songs out soon. Not sure if I will update them, though. Any musicians/arrangers/remixers out there want to assist?

Here’s the video (which matches the song in mood!) for Clutchy Hopkins:

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