Conspiracy: Government added chemicals to water after 1980

Everyone I know who was born after 1980 has problems with focusing-I would even go so far as to say almost ADD/ADHD.  Take a look at kids these days. Are any of them well-behaved? At least in the 70s, you could go to the grocery store or a restaurant and if a child acted up, they were reprimanded. Now, the parents know the kids are have ADD, so they don’t discipline their children.

Look at this peanut allergy-this didn’t come from outer space-this has only come to light since the 80s!

And don’t get me started on the HIV thing the government did to eradicate gays. Backfired, but it created a whole new money making section of healthcare. As long as there is no cure for AIDS, Cancer and the common cold, the economy is great for the health care industry.

If the common cold was eradicated, drug stores would go out of business. Think about the products there. Meds for cold pains, tissues, vapor rubs, juices, magazines, it’s endless. When the drug stores close down, the employees are out of work, the companies that make the meds are out of business, the laboratories are shut down and don’t get federal funding-less work for government employees, tv shows lose advertising funds, all employees are less happy because they don’t get a sick day once in a while… It trickles into every part of our lives.

Cancer is the same-and entire field of scientists get grants and funding to find a cure, knowing very well that if they find one, they will be out of work, so why give up their cushy jobs?

AIDS threatened to eradicate every person on earth, and the government would not make any money off deaths, so they eventually made this a prolonged disease, instead of a quick death. Now, the labs and government make tons of cash!

So, back to the ADD/ADHD in anyone born after 1980…

This was another way for the government to stimulate the economy and make cash. They have labs doing studies, drug manufacturers making drugs, doctors and psychiatrists getting cash from parents, over the counter meds for those who think they can self-medicate, books, tv shows, etc etc…

The peanut allergy was a failed attempt. It did stimulate research, made the food industry disclose anything made with peanuts, which then stimulated work for the artists creating the labels, print houses have to change these labels. This will eventually become a suvivable illness which will then create more income.

Notice that no one is allergic to corn products-it’s in almost everything we eat. It would destroy the economy to have any bad publicity for corn. There’s a documentary about the wide-range effect of the corn industry in the US. Very revealing. Remember the corn syrup blowup a little while back? It was quickly hushed. Who do you think hushed it?

The government.

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