Open-eyed sleeping — called “nocturnal lagophthalmos”

I have had a couple of experiences with not only sleeping with my eyes open, but dreaming as well. Even when it’s not a “bad” dream or nightmare, it is one of the scariest feelings I have ever had.

The first time was in the early 90s, I had fallen asleep on the sofa in the afternoon. In the dream, I realized that I was dreaming with my eyes open, so I started waving my arms around and to my surprise, I had 2 sets of arms-my “dream arms” and my real arms that I could see, since my eyes were open. I panicked and then saw the curtains across the room, and they looked like a person. I was extremely scared by this point and tried to scream. I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I tried harder and harder. I then awoke to the echo of my screams in the house.

The second time, I was asleep in the dark, and this was after I started having the ghostly encounters. I was on my side, facing the window. I knew my eyes were open and I could see a figure in the corner of the room, looking back at me. When you are in this state, you are paralyzed. I started yelling to try and wake myself, but nothing would come out. I got louder and louder until I actually woke myself up.

I found the term for open-eyed sleeping, but not a medical term for the dreaming while your eyes are open. Anyone know what it is?

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