Patti LaBelle

How can I explain the effect that Patti LaBelle’s voice has on me?


I once saw an interview with Neneh Cherry and she explained that singing is something that flows through you-spiritually. That’s why sometimes you have the best voice and sometimes you don’t. Patti LaBelle is another story, though. I believe that hers is actually the voice of God. When she opens her mouth, my spine is ripped away. I have chills running all over. I am moved to tears. I found this performance on youtube and I love this song… The significance of this particular song is that she sang this song at her mother’s funeral. It takes on a whole new meaning once you know that. Her mother and her sisters have all died from cancer, so Patti expected to perish from the same thing, so she’s tried to live healthy. I think one of the reasons that she is still here is to provide people like me with the knowledge that there *is* something out there that’s bigger than all of us. We don’t have to think it’s the same thing or named the same or even practice the same religion. As long as God keeps speaking through Patti, we know we’re ok.

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