How to make a negative / inverse / opposite/ mirror image (NIOM) mold with the XackPhobe Method

While pondering the creation of a kit car, I came across the issue of getting the car exactly mirrored on both sides. Some people suggested that you get it digitally scanned and then 3D printed. Others suggested buying something that would be malleable, make a mold, then pop it out backwards to make another mold …

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Xack’s Frozorganizers! Color-coded freezer bags!

So, the latest idea I am putting “out there” is my Frozorganizer Freezer Bag System (On Indiegogo). It consists of several different colors of gallon freezer bags that are also labeled. Red for beef, green for vegetables, etc. Here’s the idea: Heavy duty freezer bags that are color coded and pre-labeled with the type of …

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Kickstarter/indiegogo for my new novel “Daytime Ghosts”

Update: The kickstarter campaign ended, so now this is on indiegogo: Daytime Ghosts by Steven Langston on indiegogo: I had written the first chapter of “Daytime Ghosts” a while back and filed it away for a future project. Today, I decided to try to get the novel funded via kickstarter. I put the first …

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MYOSlots – MakeYourOwnSlots – New Indiegogo Campaign!

I have been toying around with the idea of a mobile slot game that would allow you to insert your own images as the pictures on the reels. (Just because I would love to play a Spongebob-themed machine!) So, it blossumed into a full-on app design. Of course, my first thought was to attempt to …

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Ketchup Slices? Mustard Slices?

Trying out yet another Kickstarter for my ketchup and mustard slices. No more messy burgers! Like roasted tomatoes? Throw a ketchup slice on your burger right before it comes off the grill. Check out the Kickstarter and donate to make this new product a reality! Xack’s Ketchup and Mustard Slices on Kickstarter

My New Venture: ByTheEndOfThisBook – A New Way To Learn A Foreign Language!

A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea for learning a new language by reading a familiar book with words replaced/translated, sparsely at first, then, by the end of the book (hence the name of the website: ), the text will all be in the new language. I started an example on …

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My New Book – The Wonderful Farmer of Oz – free?

I have just released my short novel, The Wonderful Farmer of Oz as an ebook. It is available on Kindle and with their “kindle unlimited”, there is a trial, so in essence, you can read this (and everything else they have) FREE! This is my backstory for the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion. Here …

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